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Digital Marketing &
Social Media Management

Focused Local is a full-service agency delivering online marketing solutions, website design, and social media management. Our team has successfully managed hundreds of SEO programs, significantly increasing our client’s search visibility, keyword rankings, and social media presence.

Digital Marketing &
Social Media Management

Focused Local is a full-service agency delivering online marketing solutions, website design, and social media management. Our team has successfully managed hundreds of SEO programs, significantly increasing our client’s search visibility, keyword rankings, and social media presence.

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Experienced Marketing Team

Our team members have significant tenure within their marketing disciplines, and this experience has been honed by the hundreds of projects they have successfully managed over the years. Technology requires we actively pursue continued education in graphic design, social media apps, and digital marketing best practices.

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Successful SEO Programs

An effective digital marketing program always delivers a return on your investment tenfold. The services generate higher search rankings above your competition, increased website traffic, ongoing website maintenance, and a significant increase in your social media presence. An increase in website visits and social media page views equals more business.

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Increasing Online Visibility

Our SEO programs typically will increase your website search visibility by 30% within the initial 90-120 days and continue to move your business ahead of your competitors. By increasing your keyword search visibility, social media activity and better aligning your website content with your targeted customer audience attracts a new prospect base.

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Save Money & Resources

By outsourcing your digital marketing program, website updates, content (blog) writing, social media management, and SEO performance tracking to an experienced team not only reduces your utilizing internal resources but generates more immediate results with the program managed by tenured SEO marketing professionals.

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SEO Performance Tracking

To deliver an effective social media and digital marketing program, it is necessary to monitor the results of the SEO team’s efforts consistently. We provide 24/7 ‘real-time’ metrics of all the services being provided, including keyword search rankings, social media views, website page traffic, and Google Business activity.

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Targeted Marketing Services

Each vertical industry, company, and website have different digital marketing and social media management requirements. Our programs are designed to meet our clients' needs, SEO opportunities, and objectives. Before the engagement or start of any SEO services, a comprehensive online visibility analysis of the business is presented.

Digital Marketing

Our Online Marketing Programs Always Generate New Business Opportunities ….

Our team develops and manages search optimization programs that are specific to your online marketing needs and your target audience.

We are focused on generating top search visibility, increased website traffic, 5-star reviews and a best-ranking Google Map listing. Your SEO program is full-service and managed by a dedicated marketing manager.

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Robert MacNeil, CEO

A SEO program is created specific
to your target audience and competition…

All content of your website is keyword optimized while updating the SEO attributes…

Industry related articles are written focused on the targeted keyword phrases…

Posting keyword targeted articles, uploading images and replying to reviews…

Strategies of an Effective Digital Marketing Program

To compete in today’s marketplace, it is required you maintain an ongoing, effective SEO program to increase your company’s online visibility, search rankings, and social media presence. Our digital marketing campaigns strategically reach your target audience to generate more business growth and revenue.

Optimizing your Google Business
listing and monitoring of your map position…

Updating your company’s ‘NAP’
details in the local business directories…

Ongoing tracking of the campaign’s performance and increase in calls..........

24/7 monitoring of your website’s health and correcting errors or viruses...

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Request a Marketing Plan Overview

An effective SEO program has several objectives to manage and requires the skilled direction of an experienced marketing team –

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Strategic Marketing Plan

- Identify your target audience and best venues to utilize in reaching local, national, social…

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Keyword Research

- Determining the keyword phrases used by your customers is vital to a successful program…

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Website Optimization

- Updating all page content and SEO attributes is a significant action item to increase rankings…

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Social Media Marketing

- Managing the top social media venues is crucial for any successful digital marketing program…

Our SEO Managers develop effective strategies and implement best SEO practices that significantly increase search rankings, website traffic, new business opportunities, and customer retention.

Graphic Designer

Sandra Worman

Senior Graphic Designer

Sandra guides our website design projects and client marketing materials …

Website Developer

Puneet Jain

Technical Director

Puneet leads our website design and development requirements …

SEO Operations Manager

Jack Hughes

Operations Manager

Jack maintains watch over all operation details, work quality, and performance …

SEO Program Manager

Michael Wilson

Senior SEO Manager

Michael has over 20 years of technical and consumer
writing …

SEO Account Manager

Linda Sawyer

Senior Account Manager

Linda interacts with our customers daily, overseeing the varied …

Digital Marketing News You Will Want To Know

Digital marketing, SEO best practices, and Social Media trends are in semi-constant flux. However, we at Focused Local stay current on all the latest industry news and share the information here weekly. Browse through the articles, and you can also opt-in to receive the most recent articles.

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